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welcome to my ted talk on why i love zero escape so much /j


thats it, its just more about me


woah look, its the stuff i like

boundaries and stuff

stuff you should know

it me

i use they/he/it and a ton of neopronouns (if you're comfortable using them, they can be found in the "pronouns" button at the bottom of this page!)im nonbinary (+some xenogenders) and aroaceim a minor, tho im not comfortable sharing exactly how old i amim probably autistic? im not diagnosed or anything, but its likelyi have ranted about zero escape for hours on end and i'll do it again. if you have nothing better to do than ask me questions about it i will gladly answer them in too much detail. /geni tend to end sentences with dashes, random spaced out letters, and/or uppercase letters (like thi S-) and also keyboard smash a lotim really bad at words, i just send random images (usually of bingus, floppa, or opossums) sometimes insteadfeel free to ask to be friends! (only if youre a minor too, just for my own personal safety) im awful at holding conversations, but if im prompted id love to make new friends!i just kin for fun, my list is linked if you're curious


(italic indicates a strong liking)

zero escape, omori, demon slayer, splatoon, jjba, exit/corners, ghost trick, ace attorney, no straight roads, bugsnax, pokemon, the walten files, fnaf, parappa the rapper/um jammer lammy, ai: the somnium files, mad rat dead, psychonauts, undertale/deltarune, love live, kill me baby, oneshot, professor layton, touhou,
lemon demon, anything vocaloid, babymetal, jack stauber, jack conte, jpop/jrock in general, game osts, other stuff i cant think of because my music taste is all over the place-
musicals (specifically beetlejuice, a new brain, little shop of horrors, frankenstein, something rotten, and hadestown!), cats, bugs, kandi, art (specifically drawing), memes like bingus/floppa/sogga/etc., character creation, vocaloid, rhythm games (taiko no tatsujin, project diva, etc.), cosplay, roleplaying, bullying dio (from zero escape) /hj


keep in mind about me
i talk in all caps sometimes to indicate more emotion, not yelling (i wont/put a cw if im asked) although, its typically just a few words unless im copying the person im talking to (so if you talk in all caps, i might as well just to match)a few of my main interests have to deal havily with death and psychological horror, and i tend to talk about them a lotim really bad at talking to people casually, so keep that in mind if you want to be friends or anythingplease give me a warning if your profile or anything has meat or clowns (the makeup specifically, clown outfits dont bother me)! ive got a bad phobia and they upset me a lot-i take things very literally a lot of the time, so if i start rambling about theoretical situations even if youre just kidding, i apologize
if you fit general dni qualities (transphobic, homophobic, ableist, racist, etc.)if you actively harass people who use neopronouns/xenogendersif youre an adult and want to be close friends (its fine if you just want to do an art trade or have a quick conversation tho! id rather not be close friends just for my safety)

highest kins
phi (zero escape) | quark (zero escape) | june / akane kurashiki (zero escape) | luna (zero escape) | clover field (zero escape) | franziska von karma (ace attorney) | dick gumshoe (ace attorney) | lammy (um jammer lammy / parappa the rapper) | tengen uzui (demon slayer) | basil (omori) | ink greer (exit/corners) | frazie aquato (psychonauts)
secondary kins
sunny (omori) | shinobu kocho (demon slayer) | eric (zero escape) | diana (zero escape) | sean (zero escape) | snake / light field (zero escape) | lotus / hazuki kashiwabara (zero escape) | kanao tsuyuri (demon slayer) | pochi (worlds end club) | jennu (worlds end club) | kay faraday (ace attorney) | trucy wright (ace attorney) | vera misham (ace attorney) | jinxie tenma (ace attorney) | marie (splatoon) | foo fighters (jjba) | gin ibushi (your turn to die)
minor kins
yuki (worlds end club) | lori meyers (night in the woods) | flick (animal crossing) | susamaru (demon slayer) | gwess (jojo's bizarre adventure) | ai ohto (wonder egg priority) | floofty fizzlebean (bugsnax) | hanayo koizumi (love live) | ralsei (deltarune) | dia kurosawa (love live) | juniper woods (ace attorney)